Et voici le corrigé proposé par David Stryker, professeur d’anglais de la prépa Sciences Po d’AtoutSup.



A/ Read the text carefully and answer the following questions in English.  Use the information given in the text but don’t copy the sentences.


1) Why does the author present the World Economic Summit at Davos as a gathering of hypocrites?


The Davos summit is indeed portrayed by the author as a veritable circus self-celebration for the wealthiest people in the world, of an almost obscene level of hypocrisy.  This is because the participants loudly trumpet how much they care about the poor, and how they’re worried about rising inequality, all the while enjoying luxurious accommodations in the company of people just like them.  Their time is mostly spent, seems to say the author, looking for ways to appear righteous, and earn even more money.

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